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Once you see this short Sumo Glove video you will be wondering why nobody thought of this before...

Sumo Glove - Protection from Forks

Sumo GlovesSumo Glove fork protectors are padded covers that are fitted to the tips of the tines of fork lifts. Made from urethane material that absorbs and spreads a tremendous amount of energy, the Sumo Glove provides unique protection to products, racking, fixtures, vehicles, pallets ... and people.

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Using the Sumo Glove results in vastly reduced damage to anything the forks come into contact with. They are made in highly visible bright yellow. This feature alone is a great advance in safety as staff can clearly see the tips of the forks.

Reduction in Product Damage

The Sumo Glove is a statement of the obvious. It's a no-brainer. We all know that goods are regularly damaged by incorrectly located forks. Before any of the other benefits below are considered, this one will alone bring a return on investment that could be measured in days.

Less Damage to Racking, Fixtures and Vehicles

Just as common is the virtual daily occurrence of racking, fixtures and vehicles being hit by forks. The Sumo Glove will cut maintenance and purchase requirements for these areas. This is particularly important where there are complex automation systems. Damage to such installations can be very costly.


In the U.S. the Occupational Safety and Health Administration estimated that 21% of the 85 fatalities and 95,800 injuries caused by forklifts in one year were directly related to the hard steel forks. There is no doubt that the Sumo Glove will reduce injuries and probably will save lives

Downtime Reduction

When a fork spears into a product, not only is value lost from the product, but much time is lost through isolating and clearing spillages. An aisle may need to be closed while the clean up takes place. Valuable staff hours are diverted from regular tasks. Paperwork and systems will need to be amended. Damaged product means a loss of productivity. Damage to automation systems can result in costly contingency measures being invoked or a complete shut-down.

Stock Loss

A damaged product is a product that is lost to the supply chain, either temporarily if it can be repaired or partially salvaged, or permanently of it is written off. Finely tuned stock and order systems can be thrown out for weeks as a result. Lost stock may mean lost sales.

Customer Goodwill

Forks will sometimes penetrate boxes without the operator even being aware. This will happen, for instance, when the forks are sticking out of the blind side of the pallet and embed themselves into neighbouring product. The Sumo Glove will reduce these instances. Whether the next party in the chain receives damaged goods or no goods at all as a result of fork tip damage, your reputation has taken a knock. The Sumo Glove will save face as well as a packet of money.

protection with padded forks protecting stock with padded forks gloves for fork lifts


Specification of Sumo Glove
Sumo Glove Specification


There is no other product in the world that is designed specifically to protect against damage caused by fork tips

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