Improved Insulated Thermal Roll Cage Liners/Covers

Insulated Thermal Roll Cage CoversNew materials that are now available have allowed us to take our Polar Thermal Liner to the next level of thermal insulation.

The result is our ultra robust thermal roll cage liner specifically designed to maintain frozen goods at the desired temperature over a lengthy period.

Our operational tests have demonstrated temperature loss of less than 0.5 deg per hour for frozen goods in a chilled environment.

This performance level will allow operators far more flexibility when holding and moving frozen products and, for the first time ever, will allow frozen goods to routinely be moved in trailers set at chill, dramatically reducing costs and emissions.

Insulated Roll Cage CoversThermal Covers for Milk Roll Containers (MRCs) are now available, allowing dairies to offer retailers longer out-of-temperature dwell times.

Structure: One cover comes in two pieces: the 5-sided cover, i.e. 4 sides + roof
the base. The front side is an up-and-over door. The door seal is made using Velcro

Material: 420D PVC coated Nylon. Edges are blocked using nylon 40’s thread block

Performance (standard core material): Intrinsic thermal conductivity (k) W/m.K: 0.030 Thermal Resistance (clo): 4.70

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Also available: Pallet Insulation Covers

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