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Polythene Packaging

For Pallet Shrouds please contact us now on 01279 817674 or email us at mail@5es.co.uk - for the lowest possible prices. 

Large or small, off-the-shelf or made-to measure, we supply polythene packaging products to a wide range of customers.

Our aim is to keep supply chain costs at a minimum by:

- Keeping our prices low
- Supplying the right product at the right time
We can supply most polythene and polypropylene. Just let us know what you need and we will take it from there.

We can make products to your specification, or you can choose from a variety of ready-made products, ranging from large pallet shrouds to small poly bags.

Some of our Ready Made Products:

Pallet Covers Pallet Shrouds
Garment Covers Polythene Bags - large or small
Bubble Wrap Mattress Covers
Armchair and Sofa Covers Divan Base Covers
Carrier Bags

- Most of our products have minimum order quantities, but if you wish to purchase over a 1,000 of a large item, or over 10,000 of a smaller item, then we will be able to offer you a competitive quotation

- We provide a full samples service so you can see what the product will be like before you receive it. We may need to charge for samples but you will be refunded the full cost of samples if we receive an order for the minimum quantity or more.

- We can also provide a full design and final specification service

If you wish to your discuss polythene or polypropylene any further, then please contact us on 01279 817674 or email us at sales@5es.co.uk

If you prefer to buy "off the shelf", here is our polythene product list

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